Blueprint was founded in 2009 by Seattle real estate veterans Mark Knoll and Dan Duffus to help local builders develop and finance small-scale residential housing. The simple idea was to create a better lending model—along with a technology platform and trusted brand—to serve the Seattle market. The first part of our thesis was clear: that community banks have significant challenges lending to small-scale builders due in large part to constraints under Dodd-Frank and stricter FDIC regulations—a trend that is likely to continue.

The second part of our thesis was that helping local builders with more than just financing would produce better results for them as well as our investors. This new ‘value-added’ approach, applied to the entire project lifecycle, is the differentiating feature of Blueprint. Building on our early success, we converted the company to a real estate investment trust (REIT) in 2013 to facilitate loan growth and develop rental property for our portfolio.

In 2018, Brighton Jones acquired a majority interest in Blueprint’s external manager, Blueprint Capital Services, LLC. As the largest Registered Investment Advisor in Washington State, Brighton Jones provides wealth management services to executives, entrepreneurs, and other individuals and families. After getting its start as a two-person shop 20 years ago, the firm now has more than 180 employees and has opened additional offices in Austin, Portland, San Francisco, Scottsdale, and Washington, D.C. Brighton Jones serves over 2,000 clients and advises on over $8 billion in assets.

At the start of 2022, we completed a reorganization transaction which separated our lending line of business and our real estate development line of business into two companies. Our lending business is now conducted by Blueprint Capital Income REIT while Blueprint Capital REIT will continue our real estate development business. We believe separating our lending and real estate development businesses will best align the returns from each individual business line with shareholder investment goals and maximize each company’s long term success.

Our market

Seattle is one of the most active real estate markets in the country. It provides key requirements for housing demand such as strong population, job and income growth. Within the Seattle market, we focus on urban “in-fill” development rather than suburban “tract” development. Urban housing is in high demand and more resilient to market cycles. And, recycling land in established neighborhoods reduces suburban sprawl—a much more environmentally-sustainable solution to growth.

Urban “In-Fill” Development

Urban “In-Fill” Development

Suburban “Tract” Development



In-fill development is dominated by small-scale, local builders. Blueprint’s innovative lending model serves this market by combining construction financing—which by itself is a commodity product—with value-added development services for an end-to-end builder solution. Specifically, we support our customers through all four phases of the project lifecycle:  Blueprint sources projects through our agent referral network, provides competitive financing, completes the plans and permits and helps market the project during construction. This integrated, co-operative approach increases builder productivity and, in turn, reduces risk for our shareholders.


In addition to lending, Blueprint develops rental property for its portfolio in Seattle and Phoenix. We believe the development of rental real estate for our own portfolio enables us to increase cash flow, diversify our income stream, and create long-term stockholder value.

In the Seattle area, we develop high-quality studio apartments close to transit, shopping, and entertainment. Our projects generally have fewer than 100 units with rent levels targeted at people making 60-80% of the area median income, which is a common definition of affordable workforce housing.

Our real estate development activities in the Phoenix area are focused on urban multi-family and build-to-rent communities.

Our completed, under construction, and pipeline projects represent more than $500 million of development assets and over 2,000 units.

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Blueprint is owned by a large and diverse group of individual shareholders made up of our builder customers, management and individuals who value community investing.

Shareholder Info

Blueprint Capital

Board of Directors

  • Charles Brighton Charles Brighton Co-Founder, Brighton Jones
  • Dan Duffus Co-Founder and Managing Director, Blueprint Capital
  • Eric Graham Eric Graham President, Blueprint Capital
  • Mark Knoll Co-Founder and Chairman, Blueprint Capital
  • Brian Tall Chief Investment Officer, Brighton Jones

Blueprint Capital Services, LLC

Blueprint Capital REIT and Blueprint Capital Income REIT are externally managed by Blueprint Capital Services, LLC. The founders, senior management and key support personnel average over two decades of experience in construction lending, real estate development and financial management.


  • Darin Granger Managing Director
  • Caleb Walters Manager - Acquisitions and Underwriting
  • Taylor Straton Acquisitions & Underwriting

Design & Permitting

  • Dave Biddle Senior Manager - Architectural Design
  • Lucas DeHerrera Manager - Land Use and Permitting
  • Jake Lybeck Permitting Associate
  • Steve Svetlik Lead Architect
  • Matt Bardon Architect / Team Leader
  • Derry Betts Architect / Team Leader
  • Erik Laag Architect / Team Leader
  • Jade Aramaki Blueprint Jade Aramaki Senior Design Associate
  • Marc Divina Design Associate
  • George Ganescu Residential Designer/Intern Architect
  • Nicky Hamel Residential Designer/Intern Architect
  • Qisheng Wen Residential Designer/Intern Architect

Loan Operations

  • Jeanne Petershagen Vice President - Loan Operations
  • Gary Petershagen Construction Inspector
  • Nikki Medina Administrative Assistant

Portfolio Real Estate

  • Gary Blakeslee Managing Director of Real Estate
  • Andrew Withnell Managing Director of Construction
  • Matt Campbell Asset Manager
  • Rob Hill Property Manager
  • Kyle Stenson Project Manager
  • Dimong Dy Construction Accounting Manager
  • Stefan Fjeldstedt Superintendent

Finance and Accounting

  • Karl Watt CFO
  • Trina Mills Controller
  • Larry Pyne Finance Officer & Investor Relations
  • Pamela Carpinelli Accounting Associate
  • Conner Mills Accounting Assistant
  • Debra Clang Office and Event Coordinator