Building strong communities

Blueprint is committed to building strong communities. We’re your neighbors, and we want the same things you do: quality, environmentally-efficient homes that reflect our Northwest lifestyle and values. Seattle has experienced rapid growth many times in the past—after all, our pioneers sluiced an entire hill to create more livable space. Today’s strong job and housing market continues that trend, and although change is sometimes tough, growth is good. It means we’re a place where people want to live and raise their families, contribute to the economy, and add to our unique culture. We respect our neighborhoods and want to ensure new families join our community in homes that maintain our commitment against suburban sprawl.  The projects you see with our name on them have undergone vigorous review and adhere to the highest construction standards.

giving back

We believe that quality housing is fundamental to stronger families and communities. That’s we why we support Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission and its focus on providing transitional housing. Blueprint members, shareholders and employees recently donated more than $500,000 in land, labor and materials to create 14 units of transitional housing for at-risk women and children. View the videos to learn more about our projects and the lives they have changed.

Accommodating growth without sprawl

Seattle is growing. With its booming job market, booming economy, and undisputed beauty, our city’s desirability is no longer a local secret. We can see it in the news and through our windows. We can measure it by counting cars on I-5 or by counting the building cranes perched in the skyline.

While urban growth is more environmentally sustainable than suburban sprawl, it brings big challenges and tough questions. How do we accommodate new workers? How do we keep housing affordable? How do we ease the strain on our transportation infrastructure? How do we preserve the unique history and culture of our neighborhoods?

At Blueprint, we’re looking at the big picture. We know smart, sustainable growth is important and we’re committed to making it happen. Ultimately, many land-use decisions are made by the Seattle City Council, where our elected leaders must balance the need for market-rate housing with our desire to make sure Seattle stays Seattle. We respect the process and support land use codes that will help us accommodate growth and make this great city even greater.

Read more: Tiny House, Big Benefits – ADUs are an important part of the effort to meet ever-increasing housing demand and support sustainable growth in Seattle.

Our philosophy focuses on five common goals for the common good in the community we live and work in:

Seattle is not just growing, it’s growing up.

Global industry leaders continue to establish themselves as economic anchors in the area and it’s up to us to meet the housing challenges they bring. By enabling homebuilders to accommodate the shifting needs of the community, we’re not only welcoming growth, we’re creating it. Our future is defined by what we build and how we build it. Let’s build it together.


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